Friday Night Lights: The Shabbat Candles

The Lone Star of Davidimg_3929By Shoshana

Howdy y’all. You’re going to learn more about Odessa, Texas, than you ever thought you wanted to know. It’s quite the place and I’m about to live every second of it for the next two years.

fullsizerender_1It’s not high school football season, so the full West Texas experience has been put on hold. That didn’t stop me from signing up for a library card and picking up a copy of, “Friday Night Lights.” I thought it would be especially appropriate to start reading the book where it all happened: Permian High School. Just like the ‘FNL’ athletes, I grew up as a Panther, so I’m sure I’ll be reppin’ some Edgemont Panther gear sometime soon.

The sunsets are unbelievable here. Every day there are rich colors that make filters completely unnecessary. Also, let’s talk about the weather. I’ve been wearing dresses in the heart of winter, which is pretty standard because we’re experiencing highs of 70 degrees.

fullsizerender_2There’s a lot of anticipation for Monday: my first day as an on-air reporter! I’ve been to the station twice now and the team has been incredibly welcoming. Co-workers from the station who are lucky enough to have off for the big game are getting together for a Super Bowl party. With the inherent love of football in Texas, plus the fact it’s being played in-state, Sunday is looking to be an experience I’ll never forget.

There are a lot of characters out here, and I hope to share their stories. Story number one goes to Ms. Sue at Dickie’s BBQ. She loved my vintage style of big curls and bright red lipstick – she hadn’t seen curls like mine for ages! img_5676Ms. Sue said I reminded her of her mother, and it brought tears to her eyes. That’s how we started talking. She came over to our table and the conversation grew to how a gentleman’s cologne reminded her of her grandad. She was quite nostalgic. The best part of meeting Ms. Sue came during dessert. Just like Jason’s Deli, your meal ends with a delicious cup or cone of soft serve ice cream… but wait, there’s more. If you get a hold of Ms. Sue, you can have your swirl topped with “baby m&m’s” or sprinkles. Thank goodness I chose the multicolored circular delights because Ms. Sue is famous for her M&M game. She tosses a handful of minis towards the ice cream and whatever doesn’t reach the bowl needs to be snatched up and enjoyed – but no scooping! We must have played three to four rounds of this game. I will most certainly be back.

img_5674Southern hospitality is real. When purchasing my beautiful silver car (I can’t believe I finally have my own car & it has seat warmers!), I was fortunate enough to go through a co-worker’s recommendation with Sewell Ford. A local dealership that sponsors our station, so right off the bat, I knew I could trust them. Brandon Utley has won numerous car salesman awards and it’s not hard to see why. We test drove at least seven cars and of course, he saved the best for last. Now as someone who is fully aware that decision making skills is not my strong point, I have to say, once I took her on the highway, I knew she was the one. You could say it was love at first drive. With little surprise, non-American cars have a difficult time selling in West Texas, so I was able to snag a pretty incredible deal on my 2014 Jetta.img_5675

The week passed by rather quickly and it was time to see some Friday Night Lights: the Shabbat candles!

Here’s another fun fact for you: West Texas has a synagogue! Odessa’s own Temple Beth El has approximately fifty members to the congregation. It’s the only temple within 150 miles, so next week when the Rabbi comes to town, Jew know where to be.

My new roommates are wonderful. They’re both reporters at the station, so it’s been a learning experience every time I step into my apartment. fullsizerender_1

As I wrap up the first edition of, “The Lone Star of David,” I would be completely remiss if I did not mention the journey Nick and I took as we road tripped from Maryland to Texas. img_4184They say you get to know someone really well when you spend three days stuck in a car with them. ‘They’ are right, and I’m forever grateful for the help and support my California friend provided. More shout outs to the friends and family members who helped make this move possible. I wouldn’t be writing this blog in Texas without you.

Thanks for catching up and I’ll be back here next week to share what happens as the newest chapter of my life unfolds.

Peace out, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights: The Shabbat Candles

  1. This is so great!! I’m so happy that you had a good trip down to Texas and that you are enjoying your first few days there. Your post put a smile on my face 🙂 I’m so looking forward to reading more posts and hearing about your adventures down in Texas! Good luck with everything, Shoshana!!


  2. Great first edition of LSD.(You did see that acronym in the making I hope.) Welcome to the Shalom Y’all sect. Keep ’em coming.


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