The Reporter Awakens

The Lone Star of Davidimg_3929By Shoshana

img_4960I’m a TV news reporter! Wow, can you believe it? My media friends are not kidding when they say it’s hard work, but goodness is it fulfilling! I’ve only been on-air for a week now, but it’s exhilarating. Being able to tell people’s stories to an audience, crafting packages from start to finish, and creating your own masterpieces… that’s the dream as a MMJ.

I’ve pitched stories, filmed videos on an iPad, iPhone, and mini broadcast cameras without a tripod, and frantically turned pieces with help from my wonderful new cimg_5125o-workers. It’s incredible to think I’m in my second week of reporting. I dove right in and went out on my own to shoot video and interview city officials. The few times I’ve been lucky enough to have a photog, I’ve really enjoyed learning and asking questions through the process. Growing as a reporter and photog in the field is an important part of the learning experience.

One week. My first 5 days as a reporter went by in a flash! I met everyone at the station and even went on a volunteer projeimg_5035ct with the news team. You’ll never guess who I was putting together bags of food with. You guessed it, the Odessa Jackalopes!

You would never believe CBS7 is in market 143. The hard work and dedication my coworkers and I put in everyday is inspiring and img_4976something I’m proud to be a part of. The KOSA team is incredible. There’s a high expectation in the newsroom, and that keeps me constantly motivated. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and can’t believe I’ve already crushed a live shot! Okay, I had a little awkward pause, but people are telling me it’s normal. Alas, what can I do? Now I have knowledge for the future!

Live TV. Such a rush… you practice and practice and then you’re cued and boom… start talking! You have to be functional and since your face is live on the television, there’s no turning back, so you better rock it! Hopefully I’ll learn how to report better and control my facial features to convey the emotion of the story.

img_4805Odessa is flat. I mean, you can see for days… the plus side: the sunsets here are flawless. The colors are vibrant, they change drastically as the sun disappears and leaves the sky in a firecracker explosion. Want to know another plus side to living in West Texas? The weather makes me feel like I’m time traveling. Saturday was basically summer… it reached 93 degrees! I was in a sundress walking around a duck pond reading, “Friday Night Lights.” How much better does it get? img_5528

That night I was invited to see famous country singer Pat Green – my first country concert! That will surely change. The music was nice and I learned how to Texas two-step! I bet I looked like such an outsider, but luckily people find that charming here. I’m not sure I can pinpoint anyone else I’ve met here with hair like mine, I don’t own a pair of Cowgirl boots (yet), and I don’t have a West Texas accent.

There are so many cultural differences, I’m trying to soak them in one by one. One of the biggest ticket items is the cuisine. img_5404Their Mexican food is out of this world. I don’t think I could go more than three days here without a burrito or taco, and I’m okay with that. Also their BBQ is obviously the bees knees.

I hope I’ve shared some fun facts from Odessa. Spirit fingers for successfully becoming a news reporter! Check back in next week for more. Ciao, y’all.


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